Free Online Support for all Front Line Blue Light Workers!

As my way of supporting those who we are relying on most during this difficult time, I would like to extend my free online service which is currently available to my clients, to include all those who are front line blue light emergency workers, including  Paramedics, Police Officers, Nurses, Midwives, Doctors and Fire Fighters.
As a very proud father to Chloe (featured above) who is a paramedic, I know all too well how hard you are all working, and your dedication to providing the highest care despite the currently challenges isn't going unnoticed, and I hope that by providing online & telephone advice for current aches & pains (including sending video self maintenance exercises) may provide some support.
This is such a tough time for you all, and it is vital that you look after yourselves so please don't hesitate to contact me directly, and you don't need to have been a previous client of mine, as this is open to you all as my way of appreciation for your hard work and dedication.
Regards Chris

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