After over 18 years of treating clients with back pain caused by seated posture, I have designed a cost effective onsite workshop to support proactive companies who want to look after their staff's health and working environment.

Who Would Benefit From My Office Posture Workshop?

  • Workers who are required to perform desk based work tasks in an office or home environment.
  • Workers who are required to “hot desk” in the work environment.
  • Companies who have identified that there are current ergonomic issues or a number of workers who are suffering from musculoskeletal strains and sprains.

Here is a review from Richardsons Chartered Accountants (Thame).

Chris provided 3 workshops to the team at our office. The workshops were interactive and fun and many team members have commented how useful and interesting the sessions were. We gained valuable guidance regarding the importance of good posture, especially when spending working days sat on a chair at a desk. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and we’ve all come away from the workshops with some great tips and adaptations!

Subjects covered include:

  • Back to basics: the cause of back pain in society today
  • Basic review of anatomy of the body and why/how injuries occur, including common injury sites, causes and symptoms
  • How to improve your seated and standing posture
  • Simple stretches and mobility exercises to help strengthen core muscles and reduce strains and sprains.

I am constantly being asked to provide my fun and informative Office Posture Workshop by Oxfordshire companies, and if your company would like to discuss this further then please get in touch with me at

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