What is Sports Massage?

Despite sounding like the preserve of Olympic athletes, sports massage can be used to relieve all sorts of conditions, not just sport-related problems.

If you're experiencing aching shoulders, lower back pain, muscle cramps or you've pulled a muscle, sports massage may help. Deep Tissue Sports Massage is used to release muscle tension through slower massage strokes and more direct pressure, applied across the grain of the muscle. This is ideal if you experience aches and pains and is extremely good at treating injuries resulting from overuse or repetitive movements (RSI). This is the best massage to maintain the health of your body as it eliminates muscle spasm which builds up with stress and strain.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage removes blockages and damaged cells, speeding up recovery and encouraging complete healing. It also ensures that small injuries are treated before they develop into major problems. This treatment efficiently removes scar tissue left by old injuries, reducing the occurrence of repeat injuries. It also increases blood supply to soft tissue and helps to re balance the muscles allowing more freedom of movement.

The session will last 1 hour and consist of an initial assessment and discussion, then for the remaining time you will receive Sports Massage. I will always discuss what you are hoping to achieve so the massage can be specifically tailored to your needs ensuring you receive maximum benefit from the treatment.

The initial assessment will conclude with the teaching of stretching techniques and exercises that can be used outside of treatment time, focusing on the issue that is causing your muscular distress. This maximises the effect of the treatment, making it more worthwhile for your body and more cost effective for your wallet. Follow up treatments will include a review of your progress and a Sports Massage as in your initial assessment.

Many clients have regular bi-weekly or monthly massages to keep their neck and shoulder tension under control from computer work all week.

If you haven’t tried it before you may be pleasantly surprised!

Benefits Include

  • Restoring normal tissue flexibility and strength following sports injury or illness
  • Improving muscle endurance before an event or workout and reducing the likelihood of injury
  • Increasing blood flow to tissue, reducing swelling and helping to improve muscle toning and conditioning
  • Helping to address muscular imbalances throughout the body

The National Register of Sports Massage

The National register of Sports Massage is held by the Sports Massage Association (SMA) and can be found on the SMA's website listed on the 'Services' page of this website. The National Register was establishes to help safeguard and to promote the health and interests of people using the services of sports massage practitioners.

Sports Massage Association

Rather than members of the public and other health professionals requiring an in-depth knowledge of the ever increasing number of sports massage courses and qualifications in the UK, the National Register enables you to check to what level a practitioner has proven competence.

The Sports Massage Association is an independent body and does not derive any income from training and educating practitioners - as such it is the only body in the UK that can independently assess both individuals, training courses and qualifications that form the basis of the National Register.

  • BEWARE – standards of training and practice vary enormously – at the best your treatment could be ineffective, at worst it may cause injury.
  • QUALIFICATIONS – Under current law anyone is able to call him or herself a sports massage practitioner or sports massage therapist.
    Therefore it is very important that any practitioner you visit is a member of the Sports Massage Association – they will have the letters MSMA
    after their name.
  • ENVIRONMENT – Sports massage practitioners work in a variety of settings, in clinics, leisure centres, at clubs and events and many are
    also prepared to travel to your home.
  • REMEMBER – always ask if your Sports Massage Practitioner is a member of the SMA – if so they will have a current membership card,
    certificate and also an insurance document provided by the SMA.

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