I am a qualified tutor teaching postural control to the students at Oxford Brookes University and also onsite at Oxfordshire businesses.

Following my time supporting visiting theatre companies I have developed my 'Theatrical Movement & Maintenance' workshops to provide specialised advice and self help techniques for actors and dancers. This bespoke workshop has become invaluable to ensure that the performers are taught how to decrease the chances of pain and discomfort caused by physical overuse, maintain their own flexibility and also how to treat each other for muscular tension which is invaluable when they are touring.

Chris has done brilliant work in helping our cast and crew get through physically demanding productions for over 14 years now. His expertise has helped them to not only recover quickly from injuries, but he is also able to spot potential injuries and offer excellent advice on  how to prevent them.  As a result, our production staff have suffered many less strains and physical problems than may be expected on a show.Hannah Groombridge, Oxford Playhouse Producer

More theatrical productions are booking my 'TMM' workshop during their rehearsal stages and also through their tours with companies including the Oxford Playhouse for the last 14 years as part of their annual Oxford Pantomime production and the Birmingham Stage Company, who produce the stage productions of David Walliams books 'Gangsta Granny' and 'Awful Auntie' and regularly book me to provide my 'TMM' workshop at their rehearsal studios in London prior to their national tours.

Feedback from my recent 'Office Posture & Back Pain Prevention' workshop for the staff of the Oxford based Crisis Charity & Arts at the Old Fire Station.

"I personally found it very helpful and interesting. I like his no nonsense and clear teaching methods. I came away feeling enthused and furthermore what I found, that the knowledge I acquired was really helpful for my road running as well as helpful instruction on sitting correctly."

"Chris had an infectious enthusiasm for the subject, and doing it as a group activity was good for company bonding. I learnt some new language “Xyphoid” and increased my understanding of the importance being responsible for your own posture."

"I found it really useful, great to get an understanding of why the technique works and the simple things you can do to correct your posture."

"I found it really interesting and useful. I didn’t know what to expect and maybe had in mind just another ‘workplace assessment’. But it was interesting to learn the science behind posture and Chris presented it in a really fun way in the short time head had to do so. I’d definitely recommend people to him if they needed help around injuries or muscular problems."

"Very entertaining and authoritative. I really like the fact that having a good posture (and avoiding back and neck pain) is up to us. We just have to sit more sensibly."

Teaching Oxford Brookes University Midwifery Students Postural Techniques During Birthing Positions

Running My Theatrical Movement Workshop For The Cast Of David Walliam's Gangsta Granny

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