Covid-19 Clinic Update

The Gov is still not giving permission for Soft Tissue Therapy/Sports Massage clinics to reopen due to the close proximity of the treatment and the time spent providing it.
Therefore, I am still unable to treat anyone at this time, and hopefully this will only be for another 2 weeks or so as I am hoping that the Gov will announce that we can reopen during their 04th July address.
I am very sorry that I am currently unable to provide hands on treatment, as I value our relationship and I feel very downhearted knowing that I can’t assist you directly, but I am still providing my free support via emails, text or a good old fashioned telephone call, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel that I can be of help with advice or providing video mobility exercises etc.
Please accept my apologies, but it is out of my hands and I am not even able to work at Oxford United during our promotion chasing games coming up (starting this Friday) due to the restrictions placed by the Gov on soft tissue management, so I will be at home cheering them on – which will be strange for me!
Please take care and I will post a notification when I have a date confirmed for reopening.
Regards Chris

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